Beef Pie

Tender soft chunks of beef in a classically seasoned gravy.

Beef Bacon & Cheese

Tender chunky beef with added bacon & cheese inside and out.

Beef & Mushroom

Same as beef pie with added pieces of fresh cut mushrooms.

Steak & Kidney

An old favorite. This classic pie is filled with a mixture of diced kidneys and chunky beef pieces.

Mince Pie

This fabulous plain mince beef pie is packed with lots of delicious flavour.

Potato Mince Pie

Packed with loads of mash on top & tons of flavour this mince meat pie is a big favourite among customers.

Pepper Steak

If you like pepper then this ones for you.Tender soft chunks of beef in a thick gravy with lots of pepper.

Beef Burgundy

Rich and hearty with a deep dark burgundy wine sauce topped with poppy seeds.

Curry Beef Hot!

This ones hot! Filled with tender soft chunks of beef in a curry spiced sauce. You may need a water.

Sausage Roll

Sausage Rolls with a flavourful sausage filling wrapped in golden puff pastry.

GF Sausage Roll

Same as sausage roll but gluten free.