About Us


At Pie in the Sky, we’re all about good old-fashioned Aussie values. We believe our quality ingredients, friendly staff and unique location make for an unbeatable Australian pie eating experience.

Our little slice of heaven high above the M1 has been in operation for around 30 years and although we’ve added some ‘fancy’ pies and espresso coffee to the menu, we still pride ourselves on getting the basics right. Our crisp crusted pies filled with generous chunks of lean, grass fed beef are always served hot and baked daily. Our drinks are served icy cold and the customer is always right.

We love our interesting customers. Our location overlooking the Old Pacific Highway attracts car and bike enthusiasts of all tastes and talents. You can see some of the exceptional automobiles and Motorbikes in our Gallery pages.

So whether you’re on a mission up the coast or just feel like cruising, you’re always welcome to drop by for a pie. After all, some of our regulars have been doing it for nearly 30 years!